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Ten family friendly historical adventure novels (#11 Silent Destiny coming Summer 2014) and two children's chapter books with audio books. STOCK UP during our WAREHOUSE SALE Featuring ALL 4 Books of LIZZIE SERIES and YESTERDAYS ... $14.95 each ... both on website and wherever you find Robert or Joyce.


Silent Destiny ... Date TBA

A University of Victoria professor learns she has two weeks to claim a mysterious inheritance ... in Scotland! She's introduced to the story of William Wallace and discovers her amazing connection, but will a series of frightening events turn her away? What could Alex gain by not helping her solve the 700-year-old mystery? What part did the ancient Order of Knights Hospitallers play and will the monks continue to keep their secrets?


Race for a Treasure

Molly, a senior from Yorkshire, receives an old diary which tells of an 18th C Spanish Merchant ship sunk and plundered off Canada's westcoast by her late husband's naval ancestor. She decides to research the information starting a chain of events which draw her and her son into the exciting and dangerous world of lost treasure exploration. They travel from England to Spain to visit the naval archives and the Spanish Government hear of their research, setting in motion a dangerous persuit which will involve 3 continents, 2


Whispers Across Time

Whittle's uncanny ability to write about subjects he has never read himself shines through in this historical fantasy. Initially written for his own enjoyment, this Gold-Medal winning novel features Oliver Ryan, a Seattle journalist working in Victoria BC in 1916. Meeting a ghost who says he's his guardian angel, Oliver discovers he is now in a very unusual situation. He's told he has the powers of an anget, yet he is a mortal angel and he can also time travel. Cameo appearances by several main characters from the Victoria


Victoria Chronicles Trilogy

Orphans Nancy and Dan become fast friends when they meet in a Victoria orphanage in 1900. At 14, Dan must leave and becomes a whaler. Several years later he reunites with Nancy, rekindling a special bond. Prohibition and WWI soon provide both business and personal challenges. Explore Victoria by Model T while Nancy uses her talents and skills to help those affected by WW1 and later, the Spanish Flu. Features real events, people, places and businesses. Available in PB and HC.


Bound by Loyalty

Book One - Young orphans, Nancy (4) and Danny (12) deal with orphanage life and their first jobs while growing up in the Pacific Northwest during the early 20thC. Whittle's extreme research tells about life in the Pacific Northwest utilizing real events, people and businesses of Victoria and Seattle. Dan's first job is a whaler during the industry's collapse due to over-fishing. Nancy finds work in a hotel kitchen and prohibition begins in the USA.


Loyalty's Reward

Book Two - Prohibition enters the lives of Nancy and Dan in Victoria BC. As the threat of war looms in Europe, Dan's skill as a gunner are used with his whaling job then sought after for war duty. Nancy travels to Seattle to begin some exciting adventures of her own and their homelife changes drastically.


Loyalty's Haven

Book Three - WW1 is over and the troops return home bringing a devastating disease from the front. The Pacific Northwest and the world discover a new horror arriving home with the battle worn and injured soldiers. It becomes known as the Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919 and decades later, lives lost worldwide will be estimated at over 50 million.



Unleash the inner adventurer in your soul. This eclectic mix of Whittle's short stories also contains his first western novello. Included also are 6 autobiographical stories, 5 historical adventures, 2 poems, 5 modern-day stories and 2 ghost/time travel stories. This book is a great way for all ages to discover Whittle's unique style of writing described as Whittlesque by his wife and co-author, Joyce Sandilands. WAREHOUSE SALE ... NOW $14.95!


Lizzie Series

A delightfully old-fashioned coming-of-age story set in early 19th century London during the Napoleonic Wars. Lizzie is a young street waif who turns her life around and becomes a successful kid-entrepreneur utilizing the wars and her imaginative ingenuity. Based loosely on the author's life using the influence afforded by the works of Charles Dickens which he read as a youngster. WAREHOUSE SALE all LIZZIE books now $14.95 each! (THIS SERIES ONLY)


Lizzie: Lethal Innocence

Book One - Lizzie's friends are caught stealing and deported. The 9-year-old, preparing for a life of loneliness gives aid to an old man which changes her life. She gets a job selling bread and makes a decision to help the poor. She and Quon, a Chinese boy living in a barrel, join forces utilizing the Wars and a collection of unusual characters to start a business. Whittle uses experiences and characters from his own life in England and as a child entrepreneur. WAREHOUSE SALE - THIS SERIES, BOOKS ONLY $14.95 ea.


Lizzie: Lethal Innocence Audio

Whittle narrates his own first novel giving an excellent performance of the dialects of all his British characters ... Irish, Welsh, Scots, Yorkshire and London. Audio MP3 contains Book One only. 3 LEFT @$19.95 EA. This item is not on sale.


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Lizzie's Secret Angels

Book Two - Lizzie’s youthful ‘spies’ discover a distressing secret well-hidden by local authorities causing Lizzie to take the law into her own hands. She and Quon find their busy lives taking a disturbing, and exciting, new direction. They find a new business venture. WAREHOUSE SALE $14.95


Streets of Hope

Book Three - Lizzie, now 16, has amassed a growing empire but her reputation and good deeds have come to the attention of evil competitors, leading to some potentially disastrous events. The Industrial Revolution brings steam engines into her life and she and Quon take a disasterous journey to the farm in Hertfordshire. WAREHOUSE SALE $14.95


Lizzie's Legacy

Book Four - The printing press enters their lives and Lizzie entices some new friends to start a Dockland newspaper. Her discovery of a British traitor leads to an unfortunate incident. Following her 18th birthday, Lizzie makes a life-changing decision to take on the greatest challenge of her life. WAREHOUSE SALE $14.95


Laughing Through Life CD

Whittle narrates the stories (and travels) of his intriguing and adventuresome life in 4 countries (England (his young life), Australia, Singapore and Canada (including Baffin Island, Winnipeg and Victoria, BC up to 1999 ... only a few copies left. You loved hearing his voice at the markets, listen to it whenever you choose with these often hilarious stories as only Robert can write.


Moonbeam Series

Paddy, the leprechaun, who lives in Fairyland, becomes a Moonbeam Rider and is able to slide down moonbeams into children's dreams and help them their problems.


Leprechaun Magic - Book One

Paddy hates school and loves playing mean tricks on people, but the Fairy Queen tells him he can't be a Moonbeam Rider unless he improves his math skills and is nicer to people. He visits Michael and Courtney, helps him with his math and they discover that school can be fun after all. Lots of useful lessons of life are utilized by the story. Ages 4-9 and also great for ESL Students of all ages.


3 on a Moonbeam - Book Two

Paddy and Jake, the parrot, finally get to go on a moonbeam ride together. A fairy stowaway surfaces when they visit Shayla in Northern Canada and help her learn to ride her bike after the snow is gone. Ages 4-9 and especially good for ESL Students of all ages.


Robert and Joyce’s Shaw TV Interview on Go! Live, Sept 19, 2014



Our New Novel is Coming in 2014 – Date TBA

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Robert’s writing has been likened to a combination of Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde. Readers call our 10 novels (Silent Destiny will be #11)  ‘best novels ever read,’ ‘refreshingly different,’ ‘family friendly’ and ‘read by the whole family’ … yes, lots of people are still looking for well-written books about real human beings! Read our customer reviews and more reviews.

We also write children’s books and Joyce narrated these books onto audio. Our Lizzie audio book and Laughing Through Life CD are now Sold Out and, at this time, we have no plan to reprint or make available through another company.

Our novels are set in Canada and the USA’s Pacific Northwest, England, Scotland, Spain, Portugal and our new novel is set in Victoria and Scotland. We pride ourselves in providing you with real history and, if possible, real people, too!

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*Whittlesque: a phrase Joyce coined for her husband’s brand of unusual and humourous, page-turning mix of family friendly romance and historically correct novels.

I loved their books so much I’ve bought copies for others. These books have a quality that is rare to find – the reading makes you feel that you are part of the story. There is a reason for the awards these books have earned.  Tim D.


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